Welcome to the X Psychoanalysis World Association Conference (AMP) Bookshop virtual area.


We are preparing an excellent bookshop for our Conference! We rely on the special partnership with Livraria da Travessa, already traditional in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and very well-known for the quality of its collection and welcoming atmosphere.

To get to know Livraria da Travessa’s site, click here.

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PARALELA (New name!)

Our “Prata da casa” area has recently been renamed “Paralela”!

Some of the Campo Freudiano authors publications, especially the ones produced by non-commercial publishers, will be available for sale at the “Paralela” area.

We would like to inform that each institution belonging to AMP should nominate a representative to communicate and work along with the Bookshop Commission. Each representative will be responsible for:

1) Filling in the form which will be sent to you by email  with all the titles of your institution which shall be available for sale at the Paralela;

2) Sending this form filled in by the end of  February to the following email: [email protected];

3) Communicating to everybody who will leave their books at the Paralela that:

                    3.1) No other books will be accepted by Paralela, but the ones in this form;

                3.2) Publications, displaying the price in the Brazilian currency – real – in each unit,  should be handed in to the team responsible for Paralela, on Sunday, April 24/2016, just before the Conference or on Monday, early morning, April 25, the first day of the Conference;

                 3.3) Settling accounts will be held after the closing of the Conference, by the end of Thursday, April 28, or by Friday 16:00, April 29;

                3.4) Publications which are not removed at the settling account period will be donated to EBP’s Library.


Important points:       

1) 30% of the cover marked price will be destined to Paralela;

2) Books which are not included in the attached form, to be filled in and sent by email by the end of February, WILL NOT  be accepted by the Paralela;

Further information will be supplied to the nominated representative.

Any doubts, write to: [email protected]


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